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KEPIC/ASME Joint Seminar

① 발표자료 다운은 8월 16일 이후부터 가능합니다.
링크되어있지 않은 자료는 발표자의 요청에 의함을 알려드립니다.

KEPIC/ASME Joint Seminar (Technical Session I) / Ballroom 2, 3 (2F)

Nuclear Material, Welding and NDE (ASME BPV Ⅱ,Ⅴ,Ⅸ / KEPIC-MD, ME, MQ)
Chairman : Bo Young Lee(Korea Aerospace Univ.)

9월 4일(월) / Ballroom 2

순서 발표 주제 발표자 소속 자료
15:00~15:10 Opening and Introduction
15:10~15:35 Development of Resistance-free Splicing Technology on
2nd GenerationHigh Temperature Superconductor
Andy Ann BEES, Inc.
15:35~16:00 Technical PresentationProposal of Nuclear Application on
Additive Manufacturing
(AM, or 3D Printing) Technologies
Andy Ann BEES, Inc.
16:00~16:25 A novel surface stress improvement technology for section III and XI Yong Sik Pyun Sunmoon Univ.
16:25~16:35 Break Time
16:35~17:00 SG In-Bundle Visual Inspection Experience Using
Arc-shaped Flexible Printed Circuit Film Type Endoscope
Sung Ho Park KEPCO KPS
(KEPCO Korea
Plant Service
& Engineering)
17:00~17:25 PAUT case and proposal of KEPIC/ASME code application power plant components Dong Jin Lee Doosan Heavy
17:25~17:50 ASME Section II - Materials
ASME Section V - Nondestructive Examination
ASME Section IX - Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications
Christian Sanna ASME

Conformity Assesment

9월 4일(월) / Ballroom 3

Order Subject Presenter Affiliation Data
15:00~15:05 Opening and Introduction
15:05~16:05 ASME of Conformity Assessment Michael Frediani ASME
16:05~16:30 Guidelines on Demo Projects for KEPIC-MN Certification Sam Sool Chung KEPIC Lead Auditor
16:30~16:55 Practices on Audit of KEPIC-EN Manufacturers Hae Dong Kang KEPIC Auditor
16:55~17:05 Break Time
17:05~17:30 Comparison of KEPIC and ASME Certification process,
and suggestion for improvement of the process
Jeong Sun Kim Doosan
Heavy Industry
& Construction
17:30~17:55 Development of SWPS and P-number Equivalent Table for Unassigned Materials Gi Dong Kim
Kwang Won Jung
KIMS(Korea Institute of Materials Science)KEPCO KPS(KEPCO Korea Plant Service & Engineering)
17:55~18:20 ANDE-1 - NDE and Quality Control Personnel Qualification and Certification Program Matthew Vazquez ASME

KEPIC/ASME Joint Seminar (Technical Session Ⅱ) / Tamna, Ora (8F)

Nuclear Quality Assurance (ASME NQA-1 / KEPIC-QAP)
Chairman : Won-dong Kim(Chosun Univ.)

9월 5일(화) / Tamna

순서 발표 주제 발표자 소속 자료
09:00~09:05 Opening and Introduction
09:05~09:30 Overview of ASME NQA-1 - Quality Assurance
Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications
Ryan Crane ASME
09:30~09:55 A Feasibility Study applying the latest KEPIC Nuclear QA requirements Ju Sang Cho KHNP
(Korea Hydro
& Nuclear Power)
09:55∼10:20 The Requirements and the Standards for a Verification and
Validation of a Nuclear Reactor Analyzer Software for NRC License
Bong Sik Park KEPCO NF
10:20∼10:45 Introduction of ITER Project Quality Assurance Program
and Procurement Quality Requirements
Joo Han Kim KEPCO E&C
(KEPCO Engineering
10:45∼10:55 Break Time
10:55∼11:20 ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance Certification Matthew Vazquez ASME
11:20~11:45 Approach and effects to quality code on nuclear facilities
& R&D organizations’QA Doc.
Kwan Hyun Kim KAERI
(Korea Atomic
Energy Research
11:45∼12:10 The application of KEPIC QAP 3.2-2.21(QA guideline for decommissioning of nuclear facilities) Sung Hun Kim NQA Korea

Construction (ASME BPV Ⅲ / KEPIC-MN)
Chairman : Gap-heon Sohn

9월 5일(화) / Ora

순서 발표 주제 발표자 소속 자료
09:00~09:10 Opening and Introduction
09:10~09:35 External Pressure Evaluation Criteria and Applied Case of
Tae Jung Park Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
09:35~10:00 Code Requirements for the Test Coupon Heat Treatment and
Non-Conformance Cases
Sang hyun Kim KINS
Institute of
Nuclear Safety)
10:00~10:25 Comparison of fracture toughness (KIC) and strain energy release rate
(G) of selected nuclear graphites for high temperature gas-cooled reactor
Se hwan Chi KAERI
Atomic Energy
Research Institute)
10:25~10:40 Break Time
10:40~11:05 Development of ASME Code Case N-859 for Application of
SB-366 UNS N04400 to Class 3 Fittings
Il Kwon Nam KEPCO E&C
& Construction)
11:05~11:30 ASME Code Case Activities Regarding Instrumented Indentation Technology(IIT) Dong Il Kwon Seoul National Univ.
11:30~11:55 Latest Developments of Section III Christian Sanna ASME
11:55~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:25 Development of the Environmental Fatigue Evaluation Technology
for PPG Charging Inlet Nozzle in Application with RG 1.207
Young Hun Heo Doosan Heavy Industry & Construction
13:25~13:50 Turbulent Flow Simulation for Generating Random Hydraulic Load in a Stepped Annulus Cylinder Il Seok Jeong SMARTEK E&C
13:50~14:15 Design and Verification of RM(Refueling Machine) and
SFHM(Spent Fuel Handling Machine) Equipped with
Single-Failure-Proofed Hoisting Device for Safety Improvement
of Fuel Handling System
Jae Young Jeon POWER MnC
Co.Ltd. Korea
14:15~14:45 "Windows" in HDPE pipes in relation to structural integrity Sun Woong Choi ASME

KEPIC/ASME Joint Seminar (Technical Session Ⅱ) / Tamna, Ora, Ara (8F)

In-service Inspection (ASME BPV Ⅺ / KEPIC-MI)
Chairman : Yoon-suk Chang(Kyunghee Univ.)

9월 5일(화) / Ara

순서 발표 주제 발표자 소속 자료
09:00~09:10 Opening and Introduction
09:10~09:35 Investigation into repair criterion of SG tubes with a crack Yoon Suk Chang Kyung Hee University
09:35~10:00 The KEPIC-MI application for Authorized Nuclear
Inspection of UAE BNPP Unit 1
Sang Woo Song KIMS
(Korea Institute of
Materials Science)
10:00~10:25 Current Trends in R&D for Magnetic-Camera NDT Technology Hee Jong Lee Chosun Univ.
10:25~10:40 Break Time
10:40~11:05 Technology development for RPV cladding repair by Ni plating Seong Sik Hwang KAERI
(Korea Atomic
Energy Research Institute)
11:05~11:30 Quality Improvement for Inservice Inspection of NPP's Sam Sool Chung UMI
& Inspection)
11:30~11:55 Flaw Tolerance Assessments for ISI Relief Request on Weldment of Main Steam Line Branch Connection Weldolets Jun Seog Yang KHNP
(Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power)
11:55~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:25 Post-Weld Heat Treatment on Dissimilar Metal Welds in the
Primary Piping System of PWRs to Mitigate PWSCC Susceptibility
Jun Seog Yang KHNP
(Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power)
13:25~13:50 Latest Development of Section XI - Rules for Inservice
Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components
Rick Swayne ASME